L Laser Cutter

The experience of light speed

  • Shuttle Table System
  • Remote Operation
  • Conveyor System

System characteristics

Shuttle Table System

Doubling your productivity

This enables loading and unloading of the machining table during laser machining and demonstrably delivers an increase in efficiency of up to 75% when using a laser system.

With the Shuttle table System the efficiency of the eurolaser systems can be further increased. Loading and unloading can take place during the processing, further the already processed work pieces can easily be reached and unloaded.

  • Loading and unloading during cutting process - increased system duty
  • Easier accessibility of the pieces produced by moving the material support
  • Increasing efficiency by minimising downtime
  • Easy handling
  • Automatic table shift after cutting process possible
  • System is not encapsulated - Robot assembly possible (24/7 - operation)
  • New material is located on the top shuttle table - thereby no material remaining is falling on the new material
Shuttle Table System

Remote Operation

The alternating operation for a better system duty

The software-controlled division of the work area allows laser system operation on alternate sides. This enables production to be continued on the opposite side while removing and reloading material.

Eurolaser customers could compete themselves on the market because of the availability, functionality, flexibility of the systems. Since several years eurolaser has provided the possibility of splitting the processing table into two areas: The "Remote Operation" option.

The advantage is to cut or engrave the placed material in the front area, while you unload the finished pieces and reload directly on the rear table surface. The laser changes automatically between the two processing areas, thus having the system in operation almost 100 per cent.

Available for M-1600, L-1200, L-3200, XL-1600, XL-3200, 2XL-3200 and 3XL-3200.

Remote Operation

Conveyor System

Automatic material feed for the endless processing of textiles

By using this automatic material feed, textiles can be fed for laser cutting directly from the roll and routed after laser cutting directly to a table extension. With a high degree of connecting accuracy after a material feed cycle, sections, which for all practical purposes are endless, can be produced.

The bale material is fed via an automatic feeding unit. An feeding system edge controller ensures accurate positioning of the material. There is even an option to add a winding unit to the Conveyor System. This is used for the even winding of previously processed textiles and this accordingly results in a completely automated cutting process.

The Conveyer-Option is the ideal solution for series and mass production. It is equipped with a great package of configurations. Available for the systems M-1200, L-1200, L-3200, XL-1600, XL-3200, 2XL-3200 and 3XL-3200.

  • An increase in productivity thanks to loading and unloading during the cutting process
  • Workpiece removal during the cutting process at the collecting table possible
  • The material feed is stretching-free
  • Accurate placement of the workpiece through automatic edge control with the Feeding Unit
  • Optional camera recognition system for automated processing
  • Optional marking systems (e. g. Ink Marker Module, Ink Printer Module, Label Module)
  • Processing of very large formats by edgeless continuation of cuts possible
Conveyor System

Optional extras

POSITIONplus - Optical Recognition System

Optical Recognition System - Always in the focus

Automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline. Even copying tolerances in the printed format can be compensated by software control.

Many applications require an accurate cutting oriented to existing fiducial marks or other material references. As a respond to this need eurolaser offers an intelligent solution consisting of a camera and analysis software.

POSITIONplus - Optical Recognition System

Mechanical Machining

3 IN 1 - Use the best range of tools in parallel to the laser!

Mechanical tool heads can be installed parallel to the laser, giving you the option to use tools such as milling cutters or knives. A valuable extension to your machining options with just one system technology.

Use the laser plus two mechanical tools in parallel on one machine. The entire high-quality range of Zünd tools is available for you. Extend your machining and material options without expensive additional investments.


Mechanical Machining

PICTUREplus - Raster Engraving Unit

Big, bigger, engraving up to 10m2

This optional equipment allows machining of image files and production of both 2D-images and 3D-reliefs. Engraving is possible with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi and in 256 shades of grey.

Pictures, logos, labels and much more - engraving and marking on various material surfaces.
This is an impressive option!

PICTUREplus - Raster Engraving Unit

Ink Marker Module

Contact-free ink-jet marking

The compressed air controlled jet system applies ink markings to the material.

The demand for simple, economical and contact-free marking methods is growing continuously, particularly for sewing markings (clippings) in the textile manufacturing branch.

The new Ink Marker Module – an extra option that can be retrofitted - is now available for our laser cutting systems.

  • No distortion thanks to contact-free marking
  • Quick drying ink, indelible
  • High degree of marking accuracy
  • Faster than using plotter pens
  • Longer lifetime than felt pens
  • Different inks / colours can be used
  • Complete retrofit kit available
Ink Marker Module

Exhaust and filter units

Better cutting results and protection for personnel and environment

Suction devices are selected to match your application and the table concept of your laser system. This guarantees complete emission extraction above and below the material.

The exhaust concepts ensure consistent extraction and filtering performance. They take into consideration the laser power used, the processing surface including table concept, processing speed and choice of materials to ensure you are offered the best possible coordination.

Exhaust and filter units

Cooling units

The influence the room temperature has on your production

The high-quality energy efficient cooling units are fitted with electronic temperature controllers and monitoring systems, so that they always control ideal conditions for laser beam sources, in order to guarantee constant performance.

Consistent cooling performance ensures a constant laser power which in turn provides optimum and constant cutting quality and speed. A high-quality water cooling system is therefore highly recommended for cooling a CO2 laser source.

Cooling units

L Laser Cutter sizes

Choose from two different sizes to select the perfect machine for your application


Width (in mm/in)
3220 / 126.8

Length (in mm/in)
2050 / 80.7

Height (in mm/in)
1590 / 62.6

Working area (W x L in mm/in)
1800 x 1230 / 70.8 x 48.4


Width (in mm/in)
3550 / 139.8

Length (in mm/in)
4000 / 157.5

Height (in mm/in)
1530 / 60.2

Working area (W x L in mm/in)
1800 x 3200 / 70.8 x 126


  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Twin-wall sheets
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Textiles
  • Leather
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Glass
  • Stone, Granite, Marble
  • Acrylic
  • Cork
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate
  • PET and PET-G
  • Ceramics, Porcelain, Stoneware

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