MindCUT for Pattern Matching delivers a complete solution for automatic alignment of markers to fabric compression and distension, including automatic pattern recognition, marker matching, and cutting control.

Breakthrough innovation

Capture and recognition of complex patterns, including distorted oblique stripes.

Parts nesting and adjustment, with distortion compensation preserving dimensions and positioning against the patterns.


Simultaneous model adjustment and cutting control.

Continuous material feeding and cutting.


High precision part-pattern alignment and cutting.

Perfect alignment between cut parts and material patterns.

Pattern Matching features

Capture and pattern recognition

Automatic capture and recognition of patterned fabrics.


Automatic and optimized nesting of parts.

Dynamic adjustment

Dynamic part adjustment to the pattern of the actual material.

Compensation of fabric distortions, both fed and extended on the cutting machine.

Cutting and Pickup

Adjusted parts cutting, preserving dimensions and positioning against the patterns.

Pickup of parts with projection feedback.


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