Software for centralized management of information flow on products and processes.

MindGEST PDM is an information management system that simplifies information sharing, enabling all your partners to collaborate and follow the different stages of the product development cycle.


Collaborative production


Integrated information


Speed and efficiency

Collaborative production

Share information and simplify communication between all contributors along your production chain, using a shared virtual environment for collaborative design and product development.

Integrated information

Manage your product and process information, integrating all your design, engineering, and marketing data in a secure centralized repository.

Speed and efficiency

Use the information to optimize your productivity and reduce the time and costs required for product development, coping with dynamic market demands.

PDM features

Product and process repository

Centralized information repository for products and business processes supporting collaboration, knowledge management, and data reuse.

Storage and sharing of product-related data and libraries (models, parts, materials, components, and accessories).

Simplified access to product and process data for technical documentation production and cost evaluation.

Management information on cutting processes and workflow.

Information management

Simplified database management features to store, search, retrieve, and share data.

Secure access, version control and built-in audit data functions, assuring data protection and integrity.

Automated integration and data exchange workflow.


Tight integration and data exchange with MindCAD, MindCUT, MindGEST, and MindSALES software.

Seamless interoperability with third-party specialized CAD software, ERPs and Sales Management solutions.

Distributed workgroups

Distributed and scalable architecture, enabling a workgroup design and production environment.

Several connection scenarios, interconnecting a headquarters’ centralized PDM with subsidiaries, external partners, or suppliers’ PDMs.

Reliable real-time data exchange in a secure environment, over the corporate VPN, intranet or extranet.

MindGEST Solutions

Product & process management