The MindCUT Automatic Cutting System for Patterned Materials delivers a complete solution for the automatic alignment of markers for fabric compression and distension - performed in three main stages: pattern fabric capture, automatic nesting, parts matching, automatic cutting and parts pickup.

The 3-stage configuration enables simultaneous, continuous, and centrally controlled operations in each work zone.

1. Pattern fabric capture and parts matching

The first work zone – a flat extension table, equipped with a digital camera and a lighting system - is used to load from roll material to a flat table, where capture and recognition occur, along with automatic nesting and parts matching.

2. Automatic cutting

When the marker is properly aligned with the fabric, it is ready to be cut and automatically moved to the second work zone. A high precision automatic cutting machine and cutting tools ensure the quality of your finished products. A dynamic vacuum system discards the paper and plastic as consumables, maintaining reliability and cut quality.

3. Parts pickup

The pickup is done in the third work zone – a final extension table of the cutting machine, equipped with a projector that highlights the parts to be picked up.

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