"Mind team has always shown total availability to evolve and adapt the software to the reality of Cordeiro Campos."

Cordeiro Campos | Managing Partner
Cordeiro Campos

Cordeiro Campos

Cordeiro Campos & Company Limited is a family-origin textile company, with 35 years of experience, which has always dedicated to outerwear confection with quality and excellence. Throughout the years it has followed the technological evolution of the sector, so that the clients’ demands and the innovations that the market has offered can be conciliated.

In the recent years the large-amount series production has considerably decreased and the number of models has increased even more, with several collections per season and with even shorter time for development.

Cordeiro Campos has had modulation and cut experience since mid 90’s and with the start of the new millennium it was realized that the structure and the implemented solutions were not addressing all the requests and demands of its clients.

With the adoption of the Mind cut system, it complements our automatic cut system which allows:

  • To cut stripes in a more effective and faster way;
  • The possibility to read molds universally;
  • Instantaneous reading and cut;
  • A great cut precision due to the mechanical vertical blade and a motor circular blade preventing the knitting from dragging when cutting;
  • And a great reduction of consumables since Zund machines do not need paper or plastic film to cut.

The molds conversion of the system in use is extremely reliable, which makes us very comfortable while using the software.

Furthermore, all the Mind team has always shown total availability to evolve and adapt the software to the reality of Cordeiro Campos.

The technological evolution allowed a great evolution in the automatization of the productive processes, which Mind has followed and has been presenting as an asset to Cordeiro Campos. A few years ago it was very complicated to produce a plaid jacket or a pair of stripes trousers, which today is very quickly and simply done, without complications.

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