"The Mind solutions implemented are really efficient as well as the cooperation of all the Mind members."


Serfical is a leader small medium sized company (SMC) certified by the quality and management system according to the standard ISO:9001, that produces children footware for brands positioned in the medium/high European market.

The main goal is to establish more in european countries, assuring the satisfaction and needs of the clientes, colaborators and partners, having a stake even more in the quality of the products and efficiency of the productive process. Other goal is to expand to other markets besides the European market.


Before the adoption of the solutions from Mind, Serfical had to outsource scalings and cut of small production amounts.

The main problem we faced was the waiting time and the cost with this outsourcing, which was wanted to be optimized.


We considered Mind to be the most appropriate supplier because we found in its services and equipments – that were recommended by other companies that already had the same service – the solution to avoid the waiting and the fastest and more effective productive response capacity.

Having the automatic cut functionality, it was possible to accept more orders with a less amount of pairs, once we are no more dependent on the molds execution cost, increasing our productive response capacity.


With the usage experience, the most relevant impact was clearly the fastness of the production execution, with the lowest cost.

It is also possible to observe the quality and perfection of all the process in the final product.

The capabilities of the new production process allowed to improve the relationship with the current clientes and to get new clients due to the possibility to respond faster and to produce specific models.

With the use of this solution, we could identify and increment of approximately 10% in the business turnover.


The Mind solutions implemented are really efficient as well as the cooperation of all the Mind members.

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