"Mind develops tools for the footwear sector like no other."

Carlos Daniel Cardoso | Managing Partner


The company Carribel Footwear Industry started to labor in 1989, specializing in the production of footwear for children.

We have been growing at every level throughout the years and we felt the need to adapt to the demands of the market, increasing our facilities, the number of employees and acquiring the equipment needed to follow this progress.

Since the first day that the quality has been cared for, all the produced shoes have an unobjectionable quality.

Carrible managed to maintain the structure and the ideals of the company during the 25 years of existence and since its foundation.

We aspire to grow even more, in a consolidated way so that the acknowledgement if everybody collaborating with us is kept!


At first, our production was made in small facilities, where almost all the work was handmade. We acquired new equipment so that we could be more competitive, but the great evolution was when we managed to buy solutions from MIND. The big difference was seen in the fast response to our clients not only in sampling, development but also in small packages. We were not dependent anymore on other companies to make this kind of services.


Nowadays i tis totally unthinkable to work without Mind’s solutions, it simply would not be possible, considering how the market is.


In our opinion, Mind develops tools for the footwear sector like no other, the big difference is all its team, all the structure is tailored to meet the clients’ demands and to solve their problems with the highest competence.

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